about me

I was born and grow up between two of most beautiful cities of Italy, Padova and Venezia, and I started to code with the computer as a game, in the spare time during the high school.

I started to create little softwares and web pages as a hobby, I discovered myself more interested on what was behind the web and the screen. I’m self thought, most of the languages and technologies I know browsing, reading and trying.

From 2010 I work as freelance, I develop softwares and websites, collaborate with agencies, startups and other freelancers. Some of those are Mediagraf Lab (Padova, Italy), Maiarelli Studio (New York, USA), VeniceCommerce (Venezia, Italy), Tankboys (Venezia, Italy), Lanky Design (Padova, Italy).

In 2011, I graduated in New Media Designer, a diploma course for design and develop digital publications and mobile apps, hosted by Istituto Salesiano San Marco (Venezia, Italy).

From 2011, I teach web programming languages for vocational courses and high school. Some of those schools are Istituto Salesiano San Marco (Venezia, Italy), IIS Giovanni Valle (Padova, Italy), Istituto Canossiano Madonna del Grappa (Treviso, Italy).

I’ve been in 18 countries and in September 2015 I moved to Australia and traveled for about one year around this big country with a self-built campervan, one of the most craziest and wonderful experiences of my life. After about 1 year of road-trip, I stopped in Melbourne, which I currently live in.

From the end of 2016 I worked for several companies & startup as developer and web developer, actually I’m working @ Crumpler HQ in Melbourne, Australia.

Music lover, guitarist, traveler and literally a nerd! I’m always learning and trying new things, knowledge of I.T. must be kept up-to-date and I’ve some nice projects in my mind.

Programming Languages? Let’s start the list: PHP, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS, SCSS, C++, C#, Java, Objective-C, GIT, XML, YAML, Markdown, Regex, Swift, Python… And I should list frameworks and libraries like AngularJS, NodeJS, React or .NET, but the list could be way longer.
By the way, probably is more important to mention that I’m comfortable with any kind of architecture (OOP, MVC, serverless, etc) in any kind of environment, the rest is only syntax, API and methods.

Preferred IDE? Depends on the programming language and project, mainly Visual Studio Code and sometimes Sublime or Coda (in combination with with Gulp or CodeKit) with Docker or AWS / Google Cloud / Azure for testing apps and scripts, definitely Xcode for iOS, Visual Studio with C++, C# and .NET. Oh yeah, don’t forget to commit everything with git.

Tabs vs Spaces? I’m on Richard Hendricks side: Tabs! But, with the IDE setup to output Spaces or Tabs on situation. Both wins!

Mac vs Windows? Why nobody never ask for Linux… Mac, Definitely! Virtual machines and Cloud services is the solution with the others!

Fun Numbers

18 countries visited, missing just 178

24 guitar songs known. Not so sure

12 Languages spoked. Ehm… 10 are coding

35,463km, longest road-trip



Aug 2017 – Present

Full-Stack Developer

@ Crumpler HQ – Melbourne, Australia

I currently work for Crumpler bags, Australian company who design and make bags, backpacks and luggage, my main task is the development and improvement of the Crumpler e-commerce, back-end development and integration with external systems.

Dec 2016 – Jul 2017

Senior Developer

@ NoahCode Pty Ltd – Melbourne, Australia

NoahCode was an after school coding program company, I developed code-learning curriculums (study plan, exercises, activities, lessons) for students of primary and secondary schools, other tasks included graphic design, tutoring for teachers, development of the internal CRM, website and the AWS infrastructure. NoahCode has been acquired by another company during 2017.

Dec 2011 – Jul 2015

Teacher of programming

@ Istituto Salesiano San Marco – Venezia, Italy

I’ve taught web programming for the high school and the professional courses, teaching web design and web usability with Adobe Suite and programming languages HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript, and CMS as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Jan 2010 – Dec 2016

Freelance Developer

@ Various Companies – Various Places

I have developed softwares, apps and web applications for companies and agencies, some of the companies and agencies with whom I had the pleasure to work are:
Maiarelli Studio, graphic and design agency – New York, USA
Mediagraf S.p.A., editorial and printing company – Padova, Italy
Lanky Design, graphic and design agency – Padova, Italy
Venicecommerce, web/ecommerce agency – Venezia, Italy
Tankboys, graphic and design agency – Venezia, Italy


Bachelor of Information Technology

@ Academy of Information Technology – Melbourne, Australia

Software & Web Developer Self-Tough

@ Self-Tough, I’m always learning and trying new things.

Mobile apps designer & developer Diploma

@ Istituto Salesiano San Marco – Venezia, Italy

Electronic Technician Diploma

@ IPSIA Giovanni Ponti – Venezia, Italy

IT & Coding Skills


HTML5 + CSS3 & Sass


DevOps servers, serverless & cloud


Android & Java

iOS & Objective-C

C++, C# & .NET

Other Skills

Problem Solving


Pizza make

Pasta Carbonara


NodeJS & React

React & React Native



Giona Maiarelli

CEO / Maiarelli Studio

Besides being extremely skilled and highly motivated Davide is also a pleasure to work with.

Giancarlo Salvador

CEO, Art Director / Lanky Design

It’s a very professional and precise programmer with many solutions and suggestions coming up in situations of critical issues as many times could happen on web projects. You can count on him especially on stressful moments.



apps & website, full-stack dev


website, front & back-end dev


ecommerce, full-stack dev

Pizza e Pasta

cross platform app, full-stack dev


website, front & back-end dev

Coach Em Soccer School

website front & back-end dev


Festival Biblico

cross platform app, full-stack dev


apps & teaching, full-stack dev


website front & back-end dev


website, front & back-end dev


Let’s Socialize

I love to travel everywhere

I live in Melbourne, Au


hello [at] davebra.me

Freelance Available