about me

I was born and grow up between two of most beautiful cities of Italy, Padova and Venezia, and I started to code with the computer as a game, in my spare time during the high school.

I started to create small softwares and websites as a hobby, I was actually more interested on what was behind the scene. I hold a Degree in New Media and a Bachelor of Information Technology with Valedictorian Award, but I consider myself a self-taught developer, most of the languages and technologies I know, I learned browsing, reading and trying. The hard way.

In 2010 I started to work as freelance, I develop apps and websites for companies, agencies, startups and other freelancers. Some of my clients and collaborators are Mediagraf Lab (Padova, Italy), Maiarelli Studio (New York, USA), VeniceCommerce (Venezia, Italy), Tankboys (Venezia, Italy), Lanky Design (Padova, Italy).

In 2011, I became a teacher. I taught programming languages to students of vocational courses and high school. Some of those schools are Istituto Salesiano San Marco (Venezia, Italy), IIS Giovanni Valle (Padova, Italy), Istituto Canossiano Madonna del Grappa (Treviso, Italy), Training Center of Professional of Lancenigo(Treviso, Italy).

In September 2015 I moved to Australia and traveled around this big country with a self-built campervan, one of the most craziest and wonderful experiences of my life. After about one year and drove more than 35 thousands of kilometers, I stopped in Melbourne, which I currently live in.

Today, I’m working as product engineer @ PaperCut, a fast-growing international software company based in Melbourne, Australia.

Music lover, guitarist (…rarely), traveler and probably a nerd. Could be weirdo too :) I’m always learning and trying new things, now I’m deep into React Native, Vue.js, Python and Serverless architectures, knowledge of IT must be kept constantly up-to-date, and I’ve some nice projects in my mind.

What technologies do I know? Well, it's a long list: JavaScript, NodeJS, React, Angular, TypeScript, PHP, C#, Python, SQL, NoSQL, GraphQL, HTML, CSS, SCSS, LESS, Go, C++, ASP, .NET, Java, Swift, Objective-C, GIT, XML, YAML, Markdown, Regex, Unity...
Doesn’t make sense to continue this list I guess, certainly is more important to say that I can work on all architectures (Serverless, OOP, MVC, Progressive Web Applications, etc) in any kind of environment, the rest is just syntax and APIs.

Preferred IDE? Depends on the project actually, I find myself confortable with Visual Studio Code, but on my list there are also Xcode, Android Studio and Visual Studio, they are still necessary for some projects. Docker as development environment, or AWS / Google Cloud / Azure if I need more power and production. Oh yeah, never forget to git stash/commit everything!!!

Tabs vs Spaces? I’m on Richard Hendricks side: tabs! But, with the IDE setup to output Spaces or Tabs on situation. Both wins!

Mac vs Windows? Why nobody never ask Linux… Mac, Definitely! Virtual machines and Cloud services are the solution with the others!

Fun Numbers

19: countries visited, only missing 176

2: the wheels of my vehicle

zero: servers I own. Love serverless!

35,463km: longest road-trip...on 4 wheels :)

So smooth and fast

Oh, if you like this website, and you’re asking yourself how it can be so smooth and fast... Well, it’s based on a ThemeForest’s theme (with licence, of course) optimized, built on top of React with GatsbyJS, and hosted on Netlify. But I'm sure you already know all of that, right? (thanks Wappalyzer)